Finding the Art in Everything

15 April, 2008

Life Lessons

21. No matter how single you are, the bars are not an option. The only people there are desperate and diseased.
22. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.
23. Just because there is collective circle swaying does not mean you have to sing Kumbaya.
24. If you look around the room and you can't figure out who the George W. Bush is, it is you.
25. There is nothing like a Kosovar high-five.
26. No matter how tempting, there is no holding hands at Dachau.
27. The day that you've been drinking and there is a crisis and you're in charge, no matter what, you're going to jail.
28. One man's evangelist can be another man's terrorist.
29. If you have to add the word "democratic" to your nation's name, you probably aren't.
30. Corollary to # 29: If you have to assure people you aren't judging, you probably are.

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