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04 May, 2008

May Poems

El Hombre
William Carlos Williams

It’s a strange courage
you give me ancient star:
Shine alone in the sunrise
toward which you lend no part!

From Al Que Quiere! The Four Seas Company, 1917


Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

CANNOT tell you how it was;
But this I know: it came to pass
Upon a bright and breezy day
When May was young; ah, pleasant May!
As yet the poppies were not born
Between the blades of tender corn;
The last eggs had not hatched as yet,
Nor any bird forgone its mate.

I cannot tell you what it was;
But this I know: it did but pass.
It passed away with sunny May,
With all sweet things it passed away,
And left me old, and cold, and grey.

"May" is reprinted from Goblin Market, The Prince's Progress and Other Poems.

Christina Rosetti. London: Macmillan 1879.

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