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16 July, 2008

Favorite Things

I am working on some photos of my favorite things, which include my pen, journal, books, and coffee, but it is posing quite the photography set of problems. I am struggling with getting a wide enough depth-of-field to incorporate all of the detail I want, but still being close enough to concentrate on small scale and details. If I put everything in the same plane, there is too much emphasis on geometric simple shapes. I am also struggling with lighting and setup in my apartment. Nevertheless, here are a few shots of the shots I like so far. Any technical suggestions for my camera?


Jennifer said...

In the first one, lowering the cup somewhat (or raising the book/pen) will help.

This site has a nice calculator for depth of field - you can play around with the numbers to see how the choices affect the range of acceptable focus, then dial up your camera and see the results. A nice tutorial. It's nothing you didn't already know (bigger f-stop, smaller focal length, bigger DOF), but you can see the numbers - which maybe is more appealing to me than it is to you. :)

Hal and Anna said...

I like them both alot!!

But I'm not helpful with camera of my very few flaws.

Hal and Anna said...

I like them both alot!

But I don't know anything about cameras. It's one of my very few flaws.

If I did want to have fun with a camera I would get tips from this site:

The cooking section is pretty fun too...