Finding the Art in Everything

27 November, 2008


Yesterday I was working on my Christmas list, as is some kind of blog protocol, and I remembered I probably have the wrong holiday. I think I am supposed to be listing the things in my life I'm glad to already have.

Often people say "what they're thankful for" before they get to eat, but we missed this around-the-table prelude because there were 25 people around our table.

In all of the fuss of trying to prepare the feast for the crowd, I blew right past the requisite reflection. I got caught up in the aggravation that family often brings, but its a great loss when we forget that all of the family and feasting is a celebration of gratitude.

  • I'm grateful for the way my mom developed and encouraged my artistic ability and sense of aesthetics. She gave me all the tools and supplies to follow my creative impulse as far as I could.

  • I'm grateful for growing up with such funny and smart sisters, and for the great sense of belonging that often brought. There was something quite formidable about the Sisters Ruscello.

  • I'm grateful for all that my mom taught me about entertaining and making people comfortable.

  • I'm grateful for good wine, and for a bar-tending family friend who makes Cosmos when that runs out.

  • I'm grateful for all the times I don't have to be the one who makes the mistakes from which everyone else can learn, which isn't very often as the oldest child.

  • I'm grateful that I have a job, where I can both pay my bills and do something I mostly enjoy.

  • I'm grateful that I live in a time and place where I don't have to live fearing social and political reprisals for personal expression.

  • I'm grateful for my bed and the dog that curls up next to me on chilly nights.

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\\\MAK\\\ said...

Amen! Indeed, 'The Sisters' ARE formidable force to be reckoned with! Bless you in this Holiday Season.