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21 June, 2009

Top-five Literary Men

I was thinking about things I wanted to bring back from Ireland, and a souvenir named Conor Larkin is among them. That will be difficult because Conor's an Irish, rugby-playing, artisan blacksmith and poet from Northwest Ireland--and also from Leon Uris' fictional work Trinity. I can't bring home a fictional man, obviously, even if he is the man of my dreams.

He's also not the only literary male on whom I've had a small crush. Fiction or no, I find the following men very attractive:

  • Mr. Rochester, from Jane Eyre
  • Hector, from the Illiad
  • Rob, from High Fidelity
And then a couple authors--probably bad news, but....
  • John Keats
  • T.S. Eliot
  • Pablo Neruda

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