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13 June, 2010

Coming Back

I'm embarrassed by my posting performance for the six months - maybe this whole year. I'm not embarrassed because I think I'm letting anyone down - heavens no, there's only a handful of people who read this - I'm embarrassed because I should have made a better public record of all I've learned and read and taught.

I should have deemed the lessons important enough to write out, organize, and post properly. I shouldn't have been so self-conscious about how I write and let that deter me from sharing new insights. Sometimes learning from reading keeps God from having to teach me with "the hard way". If I am sometimes spared the "hard way" by reading, maybe I should write more and other people can be spared my same lessons by reading.

Or maybe that's not how it works.

I am inspired by Jadepark's alphabet list--though her focus is more of a memoir. I think I need something to get me started--something that lets me move forward and backward in the chronology of things. I think I'll do an alphabet list of lessons.

I'm a teacher, after all--alphabets, plans, lists, and lessons are the nasty side effects of our trade.

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