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06 November, 2007

Some top-fives

I was reading the Guardian, and one click led to another, taking me to this. What a masterpiece! And this was the commentary: "The elegance and logic of Harry Beck's design - its combination of bustling intersections, sprawling tributaries, long, slanting tangents and abrupt dead ends, all sucked into the overturned wine bottle of the Circle Line - seems to spark other connections and appeal to the brain's innate desire for patterning and structure."

"The brain's innate desire for pattern and structure".... might explain my top-five lists.

I have been mulling over these lists for a while, and in lieu of a real blog entry, here are some of my recent top-fives:

Favorite Things Men Wear:

  1. well-cut, single-breasted black suit
  2. closely-coordinated shirt and tie
  3. Pea-coat
  4. The Jeans--the kind that sit just right
  5. cologne--particularly Armani

Renaissance Art Works:

  1. Michelangelo's David
  2. Botticelli's Primavera
  3. Ucello's Battle of San Ramano
  4. Rafael's Entombment
  5. Donatello's St. John the Evangelist

Favorite Beers:

  1. John Smith's
  2. Old Speckled Hen
  3. Southshore Red
  4. Newcastle
  5. Guinnesss

Favorite Actors:

  1. Cary Grant (hands-down favorite)
  2. Colin Firth
  3. Jimmy Stewart
  4. John Cusak
  5. Anthony Hopkins

Things I'd like to own someday:

  1. A really expensive, beautiful fountain pen engraved with my initials
  2. An overstuffed reading chair that permits me to sit sideways
  3. A full wine rack
  4. A tailored leather jacket
  5. a DSLR

    Ok.. so this list is way longer than five...

  6. A diamond ring
  7. an espresso Machine
  8. A British Passport

Other artful things of note:

  • I love my Levenger bottled ink. I can't believe I ever used any other kind. It is strong and vibrant, and it has made the most stubborn pens smooth and sure.

  • I found a new lip gloss by Laura Mercier that replaces my discontinued favorite from Guerlain.

  • I have a new travel mug from Starbucks that epitomizes the travel mug. It has a non-leaky top that flips open and is non-intrusive. It keeps my coffee warm through 5th period, and it is a pretty raspberry color.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I will happily enable your dSLR purchase. Because that's one of my core competencies - causing people to spend money. *cough*WholeFoods*cough*


Not bad - under 500.
But! In-store, they have a sweet package that includes a zoom lens (55-200mm), an SD card, camera bag, plus the original body and lens (28-55mm) for $899. I've not seen a better deal for which you can use that extra 1K you have lying around. I bought my d50 package at Costco and couldn't be happier.

Well, a 2-year warranty would make me happier, but I won't split hairs.