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24 November, 2007

Thanksgiving top- fives

It is hard to categorize my restful and heart-warming experience for this trip to the Midwest. But one of my "core-competencies" is list-making, so this is probably the best way to make notes about my holiday. Here are some more Top-Fives:

Things I miss about the Midwest:

  1. Caribou Coffee
  2. The smell of the cold
  3. heavy, fluffy scarves
  4. the lack of a need to lock doors
  5. being able to find cold storage anywhere outside during the winter

Favorite Christmas decorations:

  1. white lights
  2. red ribbons
  3. red berries and evergreen
  4. sparkly tinsel
  5. **mistletoe**
Places to drink in Sioux Falls
Going out is unbelievably inexpensive here! Pint of imported (read snobby) beer: $2.75
  1. McNally's Irish Pub
  2. Braccos
  3. Paramount Piano & Wine Bar, on Phillips Ave
  4. Long Shots (Main Ave)
  5. Kaladi's
Favorite Sioux Falls Stores

  1. World Market (Cadbury dark chocolate Flake bars, and McVittles Plain Chocolate "Digestives" [cookies] )
  2. Zandbros (new fountain pen converter, Pelikan Blue ink, Dover collection of W. Somerset Maugham short stories, Christmas cards with a Dickens Quotation)
  3. Barnes and Noble (one of the largest I have ever seen, purchased a renewed Victoria magazine, Ian McEwan's Atonement, Barnes and Noble's History of Ancient Rome for dad )
  4. Ten Thousand Villages (jewelry from India and Chile, Bangles from Bengal, experienced "singing bowls" for the first time thanks to Chase)
  5. The Red Shoe (purchased absolutely nothing, but this is a common reaction of mine to Stuart Wietzman and Cole Haan)


Hal and Anna said...

The midwest would love to have you back here for good. Just so you know...

Speaking for the region,

Jennifer said...

For what it's worth, I caught the scent of winter this week. It's one of the things I miss about the Midwest, too. It was exceptionally fleeting, as it is in Florida. Anyhow, with the 80s forecast this week (thumbs down), it gave me hope that we'll be back to boot weather soon...?

You do know we have a World Market by Florida Mall, yes?