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23 January, 2009

Common Threads

A few of us at school share the same specific group of students. We joked with them today by nonchalantly tossing the phrase "sexy beast" into our instruction, wondering if they'd notice the pattern. For the record, another colleague started it, but I played along by pointing to a portrait of Abe Lincoln in my classroom and told them to focus on "that sexy beast (pointing) instead of their own panic" during the exam. They went to the next class and got something similar from their English teacher.

If I didn't know better, I'd think there was a committee doing that to me with a strange confluence of references I've encountered this week. At least three times, someone has mentioned the following odd things:

1. Our Florentine tour guide with whom I was madly in love,
2. John Hughes movies
3. Whole Foods
4. bloody stumps
5. Idi Amin

I'm reading Joyce's The Dubliners lately, where every detail means something. Maybe that explains my observation and fixation on these minutiae.

1 comment:

Hal and Anna said...

I love Whole Foods!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND....the mention of The Dubliner's takes me back to the days when Marty B. stole my innocence by revealing the "ashen faced" reference indicated syphilis. Ugh, What a day.