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12 March, 2011

The 8th-Grade Roommate Chronicles

I have been looking for my favorite knee-high boots for ten days. I had looked everywhere for these boots, concluding today that they had fallen out of my car in my travels and they were gone forever.

Today, I get into the room I share with Kaelyn, and I see these boots on the floor by the ottomans. These ottomans are hollow and have been nicknamed "Doom" and "Despair". No one wants to look inside.

This partly explains how my boots went missing for so long.

The other part came when I asked Kaelyn about their reappearance.

It turns out she'd been assigned a last-minute tidy "sometime last week-ish", and, um, sort of tossed them into Doom and Despair.


"They were hungry".

So we had a heart-to-heart and set a new rule (which I thought went without saying):

We do not feed our roommates' footwear to the furniture.

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