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01 March, 2011

Top-five things I learned from Jennifer Strahl

Continuing the series, my greatest friends have been my greatest teachers.

Top-5 Lessons I learned from Jennifer Strahl:

1. The line between dressing and costuming is a fine one, and it's worth crossing occasionally.

2. What this situation needs is cupcakes.

3. If some is good, more is better.

4. You can be fearless if you have a map.

5. Never underestimate what Love can accomplish.

When I first started at MVA, people in my life observed some very strange behavior in me. I always had one response to their questions:

1. "Why do you do the school musical/play/Christmas pageant, etc?" Because Jen does.

2. "Why are you on the academic team, again? Why are you 'chasing the Nerd Herd'?" Because Jen does.

3. "Why are you adopting your students as sons/daughters/nieces/nephews/pets, again?" Because Jen does.

4. "Why are YOU listening to Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, Justin Timberlake, and house music?"Because Jen does.

5. "And just why are you going all the way to Winter Park for that?" Because Jen does.

And if you know the two of us well, you know this is only the beginning of the list.

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