Finding the Art in Everything

10 October, 2007

Chase this Light

There are few albums toward which I actually count down, but this is one of them--because JEW's last album was one of my top-five-hands-down-all-time favorites. I went to target yesterday to buy this, but it turns out I am a week off--it doesn't come out until NEXT tuesday.

I find two things annoying about this:

1. My countdown was for nothing. My pannicky nature abhors countdowns, but I had one anyway. Now I have to begin again.

2. It leaves me another week to wonder if the new JEW album is just going to cut it. I recall two years ago this time I got the release date for the new David Gray album wrong. And since David Gray's previous album, A New Day at Midnight, is also in my top-five-hands-down-all-time favorites, the one after it was a letdown. This invalidated a similar two weeks of torment. (But I guess it was a temporary let down: I just didn't know it would take me a while to grow into the sadness of Life in Slow Motion.) I now have another week to ponder the possible loss and gain brought by this addition to my collection.

3. And while I am on things that bothered me yesterday: the wrong album-release date has nothing on the disgust and annoyance I have for inflateable lawn decorations--particularly grotesque halloween ones. When I see them, I am overcome by this wild urge to become a scissors-wielding banshee, running through the lawns slicing and snipping my way to reestablishing order and dignity in my parents' suburban neighborhood.

Which begs the question: is a banshee really a useful tool for reestablishing order?

And, how will I make the TRUE album release date if I am in jail for property destruction?

Here's to hoping I have another jail-free week....


Hal and Anna said...

I'll drink to "another jail-free week"!


Jennifer said...

A banshee is *always* a useful tool. For pretty much anything.

Bird said...

Oh how I miss those endless count downs! I do believe I may have adopted this method with the Sia CD. I just haven't gotten the time to go get it yet...So Sad.