Finding the Art in Everything

17 October, 2007

Life Lessons: Set #1

  1. Always drive in the direction of the arrows.
  2. Never be friends with people who bring cameras to the bar. What kind of friends would document your stupidity?
  3. Always inquire as to its origins before drinking it.
  4. If you are prone to cavities, start no romantic intrigues with the dental hygienist. Both problems end in awkwardness and pain.
  5. Do not aggravate those in possession of the coffee.
  6. Where an ex-boyfriend is involved, so should be a flask.
  7. If approached, reject the over-enthusiastic lab-partner. Eagerness in this case is a warning sign for dangerous incompetence.

And finally, the house favorite:

8. If you are going to become an existential disaster, go all-in head first.

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