Finding the Art in Everything

04 October, 2007


I turn 26 tomorrow--hardly the most commemorated birthday--but the start of a new year nonetheless. In the name of newness, I have made a new place to put things.

I used to consider moments and things and observations worth archiving because they were all part of some brief and transient phase, e.g I am not in high school forever; I am not in Duluth forever; I am not in England forever; God, please don't keep me in Central Florida forever, etc. And to reconcile the constant change, I work to keep the best parts of each--maybe I can keep some of them here.

New phases are worth noting. At 26, I am beginning the first year in five where I will NOT be trying to move to England.

But which is the phase? Chasing London or staying put? And does 26 make me too old for phases?

At any rate, this begins the blogging phase.


Hal and Anna said...

Hello dear friend....

I'm excited to be able to read the goings-on of your life and thoughts even when we can't catch each other on the phone.

miss you and love you dearly!

Jennifer said...

One is never too old for phases. I've got a few years on you, and I've been through a fair number of them since 26.

I couldn't really tell you what my current one is. That's probably going to bother me later. :)

Troy said...

The blogging phase is an interesting one, I think: self discovery? sharing? exhibitionism?

Writing for yourself is useful, but there is a difference that arises when you're aware that people will read what you write. Some of these people, you know. Some of them, you don't. Some of them, you will come to know only through the computer keyboard.

At any rate, welcome to the blogosphere. And happy birthday!