Finding the Art in Everything

13 January, 2008


I wish someone would invent an easy way to write and drive at the same time. In a Mythbusters moment of inspiration, I, in fact, tried writing and driving. People say it can't be done, and they are right: I almost died and couldn't read what I had scribbled.

I read an article once in the New Yorker about how Quentin Tarantino doesn't actually write any of his stuff down. He speaks into a tape recorder and has it transcribed for him. I want something I can plug in to write down what I am thinking while I am driving. It seems a universal truth that good thinking comes while driving. My commute isn't even vary long, but it's long enough (or I am forgetful enough) that I don't have what I was thinking when I get there. Of course, it could just be over confidence. If I saw what I was thinking written down, I would probably trash it like I trash some of the rubbish I actually write down.

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Jennifer said...

You know, this is why I get receipts at gas stations. Not for fiscal tracking, but for note paper to stuff in the console.

I do a *lot* of thinking in the car - side effect of the commute. It's doubly dangerous when I'm trying to jot notes in the dark. An entertaining (read: frustrating) game is guessing at my scratchings later. I'm sure I have unimaginable brilliance in that book, if only I could translate my honda-hieroglyphics...