Finding the Art in Everything

05 January, 2008

The New Album

A friend and I have a band, and on each of our outings, it becomes something bigger and more fantastic.

The band, known as The Hubcap Rapture, has released the following titles for the tracks off its new album, The Beef People:

  1. Cheesy Asian Smile
  2. Miniature Tarte
  3. We Don't Drink on Arbor Day
  4. Disco Dust
  5. Linguistic Middle Finger
  6. Face-Eating Zombies
  7. Beat Baxx
  8. Vanity Cobblestones
  9. If There Is Anything We Aren't, It's Plebian
  10. Rind Minions
  11. We've Got That In Spades


Jennifer said...

By the way, do we want an article in our band? Hubcap Rapture, or The Hubcap Rapture. I'm kind of leaning towards no "the", but I'm game for discussion.

Can you go ahead and post our next set of tracks so we can officially start work on our Ceci N'est Pas Une Disque project? :)

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha - or do we drink on Arbor Day? It's not the amateur holiday - Arbor Day is for professionals! But are we professionals or amateurs?