Finding the Art in Everything

04 January, 2008

Life Lessons

14. It is not a good idea to publicly extol the success of your "new medication."
15. Cities don't like surprises. If you secretly erect a building in the middle of the night with no permit or civic notice, expect to wake up to a "Stop Work" order.
16. The fastest way to lose your audience is with a scary segue. (i.e. "Speaking of awkward...," "Speaking of disgusting..." "Speaking of humiliating..." etc.)
17. Political incorrectness is only funny if you don't mean it.
18. A mass-text message is no substitute for a meaningful invitation. Arguing about a sent E-vite is no way to begin an apology.
19. You must be careful where you point the "Strong" button.
20. Student essays and assignments are not like the boxes in Google Reader. You can't just "Mark all as read."

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